Stomach trouble?

What does GastroPanel® measure?

GastroPanel® is a painless blood test, which provides information on the status of your stomach mucosa, possible helicobacter pylori infection or lack of acid in your stomach, also known as achlorhydria. The test can also estimate the risk of developing vitamin-B12 or micronutrient deficiency. A normal test result indicates that your stomach is healthy, suggesting that the gastric symptoms might be functional or related to other causes.

Stomach trouble?

Millions of people experience non-specific stomach complaints from time to time, or even on daily basis. Less than half will seek medical advice. GastroPanel® is a patient-friendly blood test for assessing the structure and function of your stomach. It is a straightforward and painless means to find out whether your stomach is healthy.

Stomach problems may present as pain or discomfort, heartburn, a feeling of heaviness, bloating, nausea or vomiting. Sometimes even severe conditions that require medical attention show no symptoms making it even more important to ensure that you get accurate information on the status of your stomach. GastroPanel® is a blood test, suitable for all adults suffering from gastric complaints. Your doctor can use the results to advise you on the need for further investigations.

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Biohit Oyj unveils groundbreaking GastroPanel® quick test

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