GastroSoft instructions for Use

This page will shortly describe on how to use the web form for the GastroSoft™ - to help with the interpretation of the GastroPanel® analyses.

PATIENT DATA (this is optional information)

Click on the "PATIENT DATA ..." to show patient id, age and gender fields.

WHOLE BLOOD SAMPLE DATA (this is optional information)

Click on the "SAMPLE DATA ..." to show date & time of sample collection and analyses, as well as whole blood storage temperature.

Notice! It is recommended to separate EDTA plasma sample (and to add GastroPanel® stabilizer) soon after sample collection. However, if separation is not possible at the sample collection point, whole blood can be stored and separated prior analyses. In this case, collection and analyses date and time, as well as storage temperature must be recorded, and entered via the form. Decay of Gastrin-17 as a function of storage time and temperature will be taken into account when interpreting GastroPanel® results. On the report, you will see on the report not only the estimated Gastrin-17 'initial' value but also the measured analyte value. The estimated Gastrin-17 concentration will be calculated if the measured value exceeds the test Limit of Detection (0.4 pmol/l).


Enter analyzed Pepsinogen I, and Pepsinogen II, Gastrin-17 (basal and/or stimulated) and H.pylori values.

Notice! It is important to know if the sample is basal (Gastrin-17b) or stimulated (Gastrin-17s) as wrong parameter may lead to false interpretation; this is of concern only with the Gastrin-17.


  • Registeration is required to display the report.
  • You may display and print the report with several languages.

Notice! Do not display the report, if you do not accept the disclaimer.

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